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Why Tia invests in Women's Health

Why Tia invests in Women's Health

Tia Newcomer | June 27, 2017 | Kindara News & Updates

Twelve years ago my husband and I faced difficulties getting pregnant due to his history of testicular cancer.

After trying for over 12 months to get pregnant (the suggested number of months of trying to conceive naturally before seeking medical help), we had many options laid before us. These included:

  • Adoption
  • Sperm Donor
  • Surrogacy
  • No children

Not to mention the fact that at thirty one years old, I too could have had infertility issues that we did not yet know about.

To meet our personal family goals we decided to conceive our children through the use of a sperm donor. We purchased six samples which is the average amount of attempts a couple has before conceiving. I can happily report that we only used three of the samples and now have two healthy daughters, ages nine and eleven.

Through this process we experienced firsthand how effective BBT charting was in combination with intra-uterine insemination.

I dutifully woke up to take my early morning temperature, scribbling down the number, falling back asleep and later mapping it on a paper chart. When I thought I saw a temperature spike, I faxed (yes faxed!) the chart to my doctor’s office and they called me to tell me I was right (come in within 8 hours for an insemination) or wrong (wait one more day).

What I would've given to have the Kindara app and a Wink to go along with it!

I met Will Sacks almost two years ago and immediately had a connection to Kindara and the mission of empowering women with the tools, knowledge, and support to understand how their fertility works.

Through my charting experience I became so much more knowledgeable about my body and its natural cycle. I was amazed at how much I’d been missing. From cervical fluid changes to the position of my cervix that were all connected to my mood and cravings. To this day I can accurately note where I am in my cycle and I understand more about my body and my emotional state.

I’ve always loved working for companies that focus on how women want to shop and buy products for their families. Five years ago I left a job working on some favorite consumer brands like Revlon, PepsiCo and HP, and jumped into the women’s health care industry with Cord Blood Registry, a company that gives families the option to save their babies' newborn stem cells.

I joined Kindara as the Chief Operating Officer in May after spending the last nine months launching the product and services at Prelude Fertility. Prelude is a company focused on giving women  options to preserve their fertility to improve their chances of having healthy babies when they’re ready.

What do I love about this industry? Providing women education about their choices along their fertility journey.

I am astounded by the lack of quality, unbiased information available to women about their reproductive health. When I was TTC and temping 12 years ago, none of my friends had heard about fertility charting and speaking to them about our issues was good...but very few had been through a similar issue. Great information and a supportive community would have been great for me back then and that is why I believe Kindara is such an exciting opportunity.

Kindara is at the center of a bigger movement in women's health to educate and empower women about their bodies and their health, enabling women to have proactive conversations with their healthcare providers to facilitate educated and informed fertility decisions.

My eleven year old is about to have the fifth grade “talk.” Remember? The day you were separated from the boys to talk about your period? Unfortunately, that’s often where the education ends.  

I remember going to the public library with my mom and hiding a “You and Your Body” book behind a puppy training book. At 11 or 12 years old,   was fascinated by how my ovaries worked, that we are all born with a finite number of eggs that get released on a monthly basis until there are none left. I poured over how babies grew from one (and only one!) sperm penetrating the egg to a newborn baby 40 weeks later. My friends came to me with their questions.

Now I’ve come full circle. Kindara is passionate about giving women tools to understand their bodies better. Passionate about empowering women with knowledge to have better and more proactive conversations with their healthcare providers. And I can’t imagine a better place to spend my time away from my family.

I’m investing in Kindara because it’s important for me to believe in, and use the products I work for. That passion translates into growth and great customer experiences.

I hope you’ll invest in your passion and join me at: https://www.seedinvest.com/kindara/series.a

Kindara and our community thanks you!

Tia Newcomer


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