Why Haven't I Ovulated?

Hi Kindara,I came off the pill 8 months ago and have had regular periods (27- 31 days) and have had temperature rises mid-cycle. I’m worried, as I’m on day 19 on this cycle and haven’t had a temperature rise. I know I haven’t ovulated as usual, as I used OPKs everyday during the time that I was expecting to ovulate this month. I’m not stressed so that’s not the reason. Although this has bothered me as we are ttc [ed: trying to conceive]. Thanks.-Jessi-h28

Hi Jessi,

It’s totally normal and common for cycles to be slightly different from one to the next. Just because you haven’t ovulated yet doesn’t mean that you’re not going to. It is also possible for women to experience anovulatory cycles (cycles where ovulation does not occur). Also, ovulation prediction kits (OPKs) are not super reliable. They can give false positives and miss luteneizing hormone (LH) surges, so don’t depend on them to tell you when you ovulate.

Your cervical fluid and basal body temperatures are a much better indicator of ovulation. If you’re not already, charting your cervical fluid would give you a better idea of what may be going on. Egg-white or watery cervical fluid occurs before ovulation. Therefore, this type of cervical fluid is a good indication that ovulation may be approaching.

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