What if my cervical fluid doesn’t match Kindara’s categories?

Sometimes, deciding what category your cervical fluid falls into is not so black and white. Maybe it’s kind of sticky, yet kind of runny at the same time, or maybe it was creamy in the morning, then eggwhite in the afternoon, then creamy again in the evening, and you have no idea what to enter in the app. Or maybe it doesn’t seem to fit into ANY of Kindara’s categories, and you find yourself scrutinizing your underpants for wayyy longer than you expected to, and you’re busy as it is, and OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS SO CONFUSING.

Has this ever happened to you?

If not, you can probably skip the rest of this blog post. But if so, you’re in luck! ‘Cause I’m here to help :)

First, go back and read this awesome article by our co-founder Kati, which gives a reeeally in-depth explanation of what the different categories of cervical fluid in the app mean. Keep in mind that the four categories in the app are broad terms that are meant to encompass a broad range of cervical fluid descriptions. So for instance, ‘creamy’ can mean a lot of things – according to Kati’s article, it can apply to CF that is “milky, cloudy, like hand lotion, yogurt, whole milk, or heavy cream”. Detailed enough for ya? :)

If your cervical fluid appears to be two of the categories at once (like eggwhite AND watery), you can record both of those categories in the app. Likewise, if you experience more than one type of cervical fluid in the same day, you can mark all of the types of cervical fluid that you experienced that day in the app. In terms of your fertility, assume that your cervical fluid for that day was the most fertile type you observed. The app will always record the most fertile CF on your chart.

Even if your cervical fluid doesn’t exactly follow the pattern of None -> Sticky -> Creamy -> Eggwhite -> Watery -> Creamy/Sticky/None, this doesn’t mean you’re not ovulating. The most important thing that you’re looking for is a pattern of changes in your cervical fluid that goes from dry -> wet as you approach ovulation, and then back to dry after ovulation occurs. The wetter the CF, the more fertile you are.

Questions? Comments? Still not sure how to mark your cervical fluid in the app? Let me know in the comments section, I’ll get back to you :)What if my cervical fluid doesn’t match Kindara’s categories?

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