What are My Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Kati Bicknel
Getting Pregnant
February 5, 2013

Dear Kindara,My cycle is 30 days long. I had my period on the 2nd of December, and had unprotected sex on December 10th —  what are my chances of getting pregnant?-Maria33Houston, TX

Maria,Reproductive health is personal and unique to each and every woman.  As much as we would love to be able to answer this question for you, we aren’t acquainted with the details of your body and cycle. Luckily, we can help you answer this question for yourself.

Using the Fertility Awareness Method prompts you to track fertility signs so that you know when you are most fertile. The Kindara app gives you a place to record these signs and creates an easy-to-read chart from the data you’ve entered. The “Ask the Expert” function in the app allows experts in the field to look at your chart and answer difficult and specific questions about such topics as when or if you ovulated, when you are the most fertile, if you had sex at the right time when trying to achieve pregnancy, and/or if you have cycle health issues that may prevent or hinder you from getting pregnant.

Your chances of getting pregnant are affected by many factors: cervical fluid, temperature, exercise, diet, stress, sperm health … the list goes on and on, and I can see why it may stress you out. We understand this can be overwhelming, so we help people focus on key details to make the whole pregnancy process seem less daunting. Track your temperature, cervical fluid and the beginning of your cycle on the Kindara app, and if at any point you’re feeling overwhelmed or have more questions, utilize the “Ask the Expert” function on the Kindara app and the experts will give the insight you need to answer your questions.

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