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Valentine's Day Survey

Valentine's Day Survey

Kindara | February 11, 2017 | Kindara News & Updates
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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is on our mind here at Kindara.

For our most recent Kindara community survey, we asked 1119 women from around the world some personal questions about love and Valentine’s Day. Some popular answers didn’t surprise us, while other survey findings caught us off guard. 

- Women report their partners say “I love you” more often. Women surveyed average saying “I love you” 4.1 times per day. 29% of women admit to telling their partner they love them more than seven times per day Women report their partners tell them they love them more often (4.2 times per day). 30% of women said their partner says “I love you” more than seven times per day

- The most requested Valentine’s Day “gift” this year is sex. Women surveyed wanted sex more than anything else for Valentine’s Day (34%)

- Valentine’s Day is best celebrated with dinner. Dinner is the most popular Valentine’s Day event, with 61% of women noting they planned to dine out this year

- Most women take pride in their hearts. When asked what they love about themselves, 53% of women noted they love their heart most. Only 1% of women said they love their physical body most

- Females celebrate being kind, caring and compassionate. When asked to fill in any word that best describes them, the most women noted that they are caring (5.9%), kind (5.7%) and compassionate (4.7%)

- Young love is real. 70% of women surveyed told their first romantic partner that they loved them in their teen years (13-19). 1% of women surveyed have never told a partner they love them

- Women embrace their curves. When asked to fill in any word that describes what they love most about their bodies, 13% of women said their eyes, 12% noted their strength and 7.5% said their curves

Data compilation:  1119 Women with an age range from 18-50. 73% from the US and 27% from outside the US. Collected from the Kindara community from 1/27/17-2/3/17.

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