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Unpacking the New Kindara Logo

Unpacking the New Kindara Logo

Raychel Muenke | January 10, 2017 | Kindara News & Updates
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Kindara has been around awhile. Our first release of our app was in 2011, which was nearly 6 years ago! Since then, Kindara has been through many changes. We have manufactured and delivered thousands of Winks worldwide and we’ve continued to improve the app.

The journey to a new logo has evolved over many months. The design for the Wink packaging was a first step in this evolution (the lovely triangles on the packaging were a jumping off point). We wanted something to represent our customers, smart, strong, mature, fierce women who demand the best and aren’t afraid to speak up for what they are passionate about.

So here is the inside scoop on some meanings behind the logo

Why a Triangle? This shape was chosen with care for the meanings inherent in triangles. We believe in the strength of women and chose the strongest shape for a logo to represent that belief.

  • A triangle is commonly known as the strongest structural shape because it is the only polygon to bear heavy loads without collapsing or altering structurally.
  • Triangles are a darling for building bridges (the Golden Gate, Brooklyn, basically look at a bridge and you will find triangles abound) because of their ability to carry immense loads.We believe building bridges is important. We want to build a bridge for all women with the tools and knowledge to confidently stride the path of their unique fertility journeys.
  • The corners of the logo are round and not harsh, we want to preserve femininity while honoring the strength inherent in our community.

3 sides & 3 segments: At Kindara we serve 3 distinct communities. We help women who are trying to conceive (TTC), trying to avoid pregnancy (TTA), and who want to learn more about their bodies (TTT). The three sides of the triangle represent you in whichever phase of the fertility journey you are on.

  • For those of you trying to conceive (TTC), the three segments also represent two partners joining together to create a new life.

Why is the triangle upside down? While upright triangles abound (pyramids, roof lines, sails) the uterus is shaped roughly like an upside down triangle. The orientation of our logo is an homage to the uterus.

The seed: The space in the center always looked like a seed to us. The seed of a new life, the seed of a new sense of control over one's reproductive journey, the seed of knowledge. Regardless of fertility goal, beautiful seeds are planted with Kindara.

The colors: Baby blue and pink felt gender stereotypical and limiting. The new colors and gradients represent journey. We still love blue (we have a new darker blue in our brand color scheme) and no plans to completely eliminate pink (it is a great color too). Purple is a royal color and we believe our customers deserve the best, most-royal treatment.

Color placement: the logo also represents a cycle or a clock. With purple in the top right corner you get the sense of how we move through our monthly cycle, and beyond the monthly time frame how we move through the phases of fertility and of life.

We’re so grateful to all of our users, and had you in mind as we created a new logo and look for Kindara. We hope the stronger shapes and colors make more sense in the context of our journey and that you will continue to enjoy our products built with your fertility and health in mind.

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