Trying to Conceive? Meet Xandra O'Neill of Womb to World Wellness

Xandra O’Neill is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who helps women to find peace and wellness on their journeys towards motherhood. As a mama herself and the director of Womb to World Wellness, Xandra helps women to prepare their minds and bodies so they can feel empowered, healthy, and joyful as they experience conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood without feeling the stress and overwhelm that are all too common in our modern lifestyles.

Interview with Xandra O’Neill, Womb to World Wellness:


Tell me a little about what you do to help women on their paths towards mamahood.

Xandra: We prepare for a lot of big things in our lives, right? We prepare for college, we prepare for our wedding, we prepare for childbirth, but how many women think about preparing for conception and pregnancy?

It’s an incredibly important time to make a commitment to yourself and your health and to set a really strong and empowered foundation for this journey.

By working with womenbeforethey start trying to conceive, I help them to release a lot of the anxiety and overwhelm that often comes up through the process of trying to get pregnant, of growing a baby, and of becoming a mother.

When I work with a woman, we tailor our sessions to what is most important for her and that will make her feel empowered, healthy, and prepared. Some of the most important topics that we cover are toxins, food, stress relief and self-care, building strong and supportive relationships, creating an environment of trust, and discovering her vision for herself through all stages of this journey.

By meeting each client where she is, she gets the support and resources that are perfect for her unique situation. This isn’t about a cookie cutter solution – this is about empowering her to have the tools to fit any situation.

What led you to discover your passion for helping women to have healthy, empowered pregnancies?

Xandra: I have had an interest in health and wellness and in supporting others for a long time. Through my own journey, I discovered that there was not nearly as much support (almost none!) for women who are in the thinking and dreaming stages of motherhood, whether this is the first time around or for mothers who are thinking about expanding their families. There’s lots of information, but that is greatly different from support.

I wanted to fill that void and become the person who I wish I could have turned to during my own journey. I have had so many moms tell me they wish they had this kind of support, and I knew it was time to create that.

What sort of general things do you go over with women in your Creating Fertile Ground Strategy Sessions?

Xandra: Creating Fertile Ground Strategy Sessions offer a safe space for a woman to really start exploring her dreams, desires and goals. There are often many things holding us back from our dreams, and we start to dig into that in these sessions. It is a time for us to connect and see if we’re a good fit, and for a woman to discover what her life can look like when she reaches out and gets the support that she deserves.

How important is nutrition for a healthy pregnancy?

Xandra: You have probably heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” Well, the same goes for baby. Starting before you even conceive, what you eat and how you nourish yourself has an impact on your fertility, the chances for a healthy pregnancy and fewer complications, and the health of your baby and your grandbabies (yes really!).

It’s about so much more than focusing on individual nutrients, and I work with clients to help them not only start making healthier choices with more ease, but to examine all that is going on in their relationship with food (how they eat, what choices they make and why, and so much more).

Besides nutrition, what are some other lifestyle factors that women who want to become pregnant should take into account?

Xandra: This is a great question, because health and wellness (always, and especially during the childbearing years) is about so much more than food and nutrition. It is about learning to trust yourself and those around you, it is about reducing exposure to toxins, which is much easier than many people think, it is about embracing simplicity and self-care. Really, it’s about learning to take care of yourself so deeply because that is necessary to take the best care of others. Think of all of the things you would want to do to take care of your future child. You start by doing those things for yourself.

What advice do you have for women who want to reduce the amount of stress in their lives as they embark on their journeys towards motherhood?

Xandra: Have patience and know that you are not alone. Lasting change doesn’t come overnight, so it’s important to be patient with yourself as you make the changes that will have the most impact for you. There is always support available; it’s sometimes just a matter of knowing where to look for it (and Google is almost never the answer!).

Just as you will see your baby take literal baby steps as they begin to learn to walk, you too must take baby steps as you grow yourself as a mother. One step at a time, even one small thing each day, can become incredible and powerful change over time.

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