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Travel Tips for Charting with Wink

Travel Tips for Charting with Wink

Petra Stumpf | December 15, 2016 | Women's Health

‘Tis the season for...traveling! According to the Chicago Tribune, over 45 million people are expected to travel this holiday on domestic airlines alone! If you are travelling by land or air, for work or play, there are some things to keep in mind so you don’t experience an interruption in charting.

  1. Pack your Wink - Wink is discreet and portable. It can fit easily in your toiletries bag or be tucked away in your carry on. It can hold a charge for several weeks, so you might not need to bring a charging cord specifically for Wink, but it can be charged with any micro-USB cord. While Wink is pretty durable, remember to pack it fairly securely and make sure it’s fully closed.
  2. ‘Think Wink’ at night - at home, your Wink probably doesn’t move too far from the same spot on your nightstand, in arm’s reach when you groggily fumble for it in the morning. However, when travelling, it will likely be tucked away somewhere out of reach during the day. Remember to get Wink out and in an accessible place at night before you go to bed so you can take a reliable BBT reading first thing in the morning and don’t need to rustle through bags!
  3. Make note - when we travel, especially for the holidays, it’s common to stray from our normal routines. To capture how your trip is affecting your chart, you might want to create a custom data field that captures “away from home”, or “travelling” so when you look back at your chart you can evaluate the temperatures from your trip and mark them as questionable, if necessary.
  4. Wink on time - When en route, especially if you’re flying, it’s common to turn off your phone, close out your apps, and connect to many different networks. Before you take your first temperature, it’s a good idea to double check that your Wink is paired with your phone. If you’ve travelled across time zones, it might be a good idea to unpair and re-pair your Wink to ensure it’s synced up to your phone and will display the correct time when you temp. Travelling can affect your temperature charts, but travelling will not affect your cervical fluid, so keep charting that, and just do the best you can with temperature, knowing it may be skewed.

Keep in mind that travel can stress the body and affect the length of your cycle and whether or not you ovulate -- so keeping up on your charting while away from home is super-important! If you are away from home this holiday season, safe travels and enjoy!