The First "Kindara Baby"!

Today is an exciting time here at Kindara HQ! Now, seeing pictures of my friends’ babies in my facebook feed is always sweet, but THIS little dude was especially exciting! He’s the first baby we know of who was conceived with help from Kindara!

I was approached by my friend Holly (name changed for privacy) last year, when we were looking for beta testers for the first version of the Kindara app. She said that she’d been trying to get pregnant for a while and wasn’t having any luck. She volunteered to be a Kindara “guinea pig” and test out the app to see if we could help her get pregnant.

We had a Skype call while I was in China last spring, and she told me her story, what her experience had been, and what they’d tried so far. I gave her some info, and she went on her way, sending me her Kindara chart every month or so to get my read of the situation.

In the late summer I got a text from her with a great surprise: a sonogram image! She was pregnant! WHEEEEEE!

And now she has a precious little boy! I’m so happy for her, and I’m thrilled that we were able to help bring this little cutie into the world! It’s awesome to see the tangible (and adorable) evidence of all these long hours we’ve put into the company.

Congratulations Holly, and welcome to the world Jeffery!

And for everyone else: if you have a Kindara success story we’d love to post it here too! :)

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