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Survey Finds Couples Trying To Conceive For A Year Or More Have Stronger Relationships

Survey Finds Couples Trying To Conceive For A Year Or More Have Stronger Relationships

Kindara | April 21, 2017 | Kindara News & Updates

In preparation for National Infertility Awareness Week (April 23-29, 2017), in our most recent Kindara community survey, we asked our TTC community members from around the world some personal questions about their experience trying to get pregnant. While some of these answers might not surprise our TTC users, we're excited to share the results and spread awareness on infertility.

The survey among women trying to conceive (TTC) for a year or more found that:

  • Conception timelines are often unexpected – Nearly 50% of women surveyed admitted that they, and their partner, were not aware of the time it could take to conceive
  • Society doesn’t understand TTC difficulties – 88% of women surveyed feel that society doesn’t understand the difficulties that come with trying to conceive
  • Relationships are stronger because they are TTC – More than two thirds (70%) of women surveyed agree that their relationship with their partner is stronger because they are going through this (TTC) together
  • Partners are a key support system when TTC – The majority of women surveyed (66%) credit their partners with being their biggest champion throughout TTC

Survey Data Compilation – 685 women from around the world who agreed to take a survey about trying to conceive (TTC). Data outlined above is from 207 respondents that indicated they have been TTC for more than a year. The survey was conducted from 4/8/2017-4/14/2017, and users were recruited through the social community of Kindara’s fertility app.