Resources for Getting Pregnant

Three Basic Articles to Get Started:

Trying to Get Pregnant? You Need To Know This

The Many Faces of Cervical Fluid

7 Popular Myths About Sex and Getting Pregnant, Examined.

Tips and Tricks for Using the App to Conceive:

How to Read a Kindara Chart

How (And Why) to Share Your Data With Your Partner

How the Period and Fertility Prediction Features Work

How To Get the Most Out of the Kindara Community

How to Use the Kindara Web Portal

Sample TTC Charts:

Healthy cycle with conception

Healthy cycle without conception

Anovulatory cycle

Short luteal phase

PCOS cycle

Cycle after coming off the Pill

Key Fertility Indicator - Basal Body Temperature: 

Basal Body Temperature 101

When Should I Mark a Temperature Shift?

How to Get an Accurate BBT Reading

Key Fertility Indicator - Cervical Fluid:

Cervical Fluid and Fertility

What Is That Fluid? Distinguishing Vaginal Moisture, Arousal Fluid, and Semen

How Should I Chart Multiple Kinds of Cervical Fluid?

What Happens to Cervical Fluid Once Conception Has Occurred?


Prenatal Vitamins and Fertility Supplements: The Lowdown

How to Reduce TTC-related Stress

Insemination Options for Lesbians Trying to Conceive

Could an OPK Give Me a False Positive?

Does Being Sexually Active Affect My Cervical Fluid?

On Vaginal Sensation

What is the Luteal Phase and Why is it Important?

Dealing With a Luteal Phase Defect

What is Multiple Ovulation?

Trouble Conceiving? You Are Not Alone

Charting After a Miscarriage: What to Expect?

3 Biggest Mistakes To Make When Trying To Conceive

Eat Your Way to a Healthy Pregnancy

...and more on the Kindara Blog

More Kindara Resource Sets:

Using Fertility Awareness to Avoid Pregnancy

Period and Cycle Tracking 

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