Menstruation Matters: Fighting Taboos and Building Opportunities

Your period should be a secret.

That’s what it feels like, anyways. For many women, the subject of menstruation is shameful. As young girls, we’re ushered into rooms separate from the boys and learn how to maneuver through period days with as much discretion as possible. We wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, after all.

The inability for both men and women to openly discuss menstruation is an issue around the world. Most women cope with varying degrees of problems presented by their periods. In developed nations, women pop Midol and try to ignore roller coaster hormones and painful cramps. 

Women in developing nations face more debilitating obstacles. Many women living in poverty cannot afford sanitary pads and are forced to use unhygienic materials to control their periods. Infections are common, and some can be dangerous. If they are unable to manage their menstrual flow, young girls can’t attend school for an average of five days at a time. These days add up over time and important aspects of an education are lost.

The world’s unease with menstruation is a problem. We’re determined to change this.

We’re excited to announce that beginning today, May 11, we are partnering with the Uganda-based nonprofit organization AFRIpads in order to provide women and girls with menstrual supply kits. With every purchase of Wink, Kindara will donate one set of reusable sanitary pads to a woman or girl in Uganda.

“The reason we started AFRIpads back in 2010 was in direct relation to the atrocious situations girls in the villages were facing when they menstruated,” said AFRIpads founder Paul Grinvalds. “We learned of girls using things like newspaper, leaves, pieces of mattress in lieu of a sanitary pad. That's when we came up with the idea of a locally made, washable pad at a low cost.”

With your help, we can provide 500 women and girls with reusable menstrual kits.

In addition to our partnership with AFRIpads, Kindara wants to call attention to the issues women face with menstruation. May 28 marks the second annual International Menstrual Hygiene Day. The purpose of this day is to spread awareness about the taboos surrounding menstruation and how this negative mindset is harmful to women.

We invite you to raise your voices about your experiences with menstruation. No woman should have to feel shame for a normal, healthy process. No girl should miss out on opportunities to improve her life. By opening up conversation, we can facilitate understanding and make the first steps to change.

Join the conversation with the tag #MenstruationMatters to share your thoughts about why it’s important to open up about menstruation.

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