Kindara Stories: Rachel and Jenelle

Kindara Stories: Rachel and Jenelle

Raychel Muenke | September 21, 2016 | Kindara News & Updates

Not all women have a quick and easy path to motherhood. Some women have bumps along the road. At Kindara our goal is to provide women with the tools and support necessary to help them reach their goals. This week we feature stories from two amazing women who have experienced loss and setbacks, but with the encouragement of women in the Kindara community they are staying positive and finding success.

Rachel’s Kindara Story

I started using Kindara in April of 2015, two months before getting married. I was looking for a non-hormonal birth control method, as I'd never been on the pill and didn't want to start! After reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility," I was hooked on using the Fertility Awareness Method, and my husband was completely on board. I thought to myself "there must be an app for that!" and found Kindara. I loved how simple and straightforward the app is to use, while also providing complete information for my charts. I also really like that the app encourages women to follow their own observations to determine where we are in our cycles, rather than trying to calculate dates automatically and risking women making inaccurate assumptions about our cycles.Fast forward to today, and we have been trying to conceive for a year now. Thanks to Kindara and my charts, I realized early in our TTC journey that I was having a problem with my cycles. I went to my FAM-friendly doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor was so impressed with my charts, and my knowledge of my cycles and my body. We are still on this road, but now I have the medical help I need, and we are optimistic about getting pregnant. The community of ladies on Kindara has been invaluable throughout this journey. It is wonderful to know I'm not alone, and to be able to stand with other women in support and encouragement. Thank you Kindara!

Jenelle’s Kindara Story

When my husband and I began our efforts of adding a second child to our family I searched for an app to replace paper charting. I settled on Kindara because of how aesthetically pleasing it was and was very happy to quickly find it meet all of my needs and then some.Specifically I found the knowledge base a fantastic compliment to Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of your Fertility. And the community has been a very surprising bonus.My journey on the app and within the community began with excitement and naivety. Our very first attempt at conceiving our second baby was a success after just a few months of charting! I was so happy to share my news with my small group of followers. Sadly, that pregnancy would end up being ectopic. I would post about my impending emergency surgery, finding out how close I had come to dying and how alone I felt. Would I ever get past this uniquely devastating experience?To my surprise I was able to find a handful of fellow ectopic survivors within the Kindara community. A few were ahead of me and offered supportive words that will forever be a part of my healing. I would become pregnant again a short time later, but this would be a chemical, again my Kindara followers were there supporting me.As difficult as those losses were I realized I quickly learned I was absolutely not alone in my struggle or desire to grow my family. I shared this dream with many women all over the world and being able to help others with their charts and questions has helped make this difficult process more bearable.We now have two sons and are back to charting. I would have liked my fertility to stay at bay a bit longer while breastfeeding but very happy to have my Kindara app to bring me joy each morning.Thank you to the developers and all those working tirelessly on Kindara. Your work has spawned Facebook groups and my "Kindara girls" have become so important to me. We have shared our pregnancies, births, joys and sorrows of parenting, a lucky few are already onto second pregnancies! And a few of us have already experienced loss... but we have our community and are so very grateful!The day will come when my fertility days will end, but the impact Kindara had on this special part of my life will forever be felt. Thank you!

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