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Kindara Stories: Pamela and Sheri

Kindara Stories: Pamela and Sheri

Raychel Muenke | September 21, 2016 | Kindara News & Updates

We are sharing stories from Pamela and Sheri this week. At Kindara we are passionate about creating the best tools to help women reach their fertility goals, and learning about the experiences of our users helps fuel our work. We would love to hear your story too. Share it here http://blog.kindara.com/stories for a chance to win a Wink.

Pamela’s Kindara Story

Being almost 35, getting pregnant quickly was our biggest concern. My birthday is late April. Not knowing anything about FTM, my coworker told me to download this app. I'm so glad she did! I read a few pages, got the Fertility Awareness Method book, and stopped taking birth control. We were trying to time the baby to be due in late March or early April (before my 35th birthday and after spring break) and lo and behold, it worked! We were pregnant within our second month of tracking! Our baby is due April 2!

Sheri’s Kindara Story

My son Kaleb was born in January 2015. He's the first grand baby in my family and I've never known my mom to be prouder. She was so happy. Everything for his first birthday was perfect. My husband and I started talking about when we should try for a little brother or sister. But just talking. No rush!Then we received the devastating news that my mom has terminal cancer. No timeline, but it's not something you bounce back from. Suddenly, the conversation about a sibling for Kaleb became more urgent.I know it sounds silly to plan a baby around something so morbid. Of course there's more at play than that. But truth be told, nothing has brought us closer together than the experience of Kaleb's birth and first year. She was my rock through the chaos of PPD and breastfeeding and those first rocky weeks of adjustment. I can't imagine doing it again without her.When we decided to try for Kaleb, we just threw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may. This time, with an erratic cycle from breastfeeding and a stint on the mini pill, coupled with the fact that I'm almost 31 (eek!) made it clear that I needed to be proactive if I'm going to have a chance at having my mom with me through it.So I read and studied, and read some more. And polled my online friends for which fertility app they prefer. Kindara was the top choice. Beautiful, easy to read charts!With Kindara, I've seen my cycle go from Dow Jones nonsense pattern, to obvious thermal shifts, to actual ovulation! My luteal phase was worrisome, but has lengthened to an acceptable span. I've been encouraged by the community and buoyed by the freedom I have in truly taking my fertility in hand, by means of this phenomenal app. God willing, this next cycle will be the one..and I'll have Kindara to thank. I can't wait to tell my mom she's going to be a grandma again!!!