If I'm not Pregnant, Why Haven't I had my Period?

Dear Kindara,I am very confused/concerned and hoping you can shed some light on possible reasons for this. I am now, I believe, at day 25 on my luteal phase and 12 days late on my period. I’ve taken 4 pregnancy tests, all negative. While I am stressed, it’s really no more than usual. My diet hasn’t changed much, I always eat super healthy, no strenuous exercise. I’m coming up with no explanation for what’s going on. Please help!!-AliJ30MD

 Hey AliJ!

The first question is did you confirm ovulation? If you did not notice a shift to higher basal body temperatures for at least 3 days, then it’s possible you actually haven’t ovulated yet and that your body is just taking some time to gear up to ovulate. It’s common for cycles to not be the same length every time. There are lots of reasons that ovulation may happen later in any given cycle.

If you did confirm ovulation and you still haven’t noticed a period, there are several possible explanations. The most obvious is pregnancy. Although the tests you’ve taken have read negative, the results depend on the test’s sensitivity to hCG, the hormone that indicates pregnancy, and what time of day you took it. Different pregnancy tests have different sensitivities to hCG.Taking the test in the morning is recommended because that’s when any hCG in your urine would be the most concentrated. It also depends when in your cycle you took the test. Usuallypregnancy tests are accurate one week after the date of the expected period.

Other possible explanation could be LUFS and luteal cysts. BUT, before jumping to those conclusions, first be sure that you confirmed ovulation correctly. If it turns out that you haven’t ovulated yet, it could be that your body is taking its time gearing up to ovulate this month, something that many women experience.

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