How does the Fertility Awareness Method Work?

Kati Bicknel
Women's Health
February 7, 2013

Dear Kindara,How does the Fertility Awareness Method work?-Nicole26Cincinnati, OH

Nicole,The Fertility Awareness Method works by tracking a woman’s daily fertility signs so she knows what’s happening with her body each day. Often fertility education is general, not giving credence to the fact that women’s cycles can be completely different while being totally normal to a specific individual. If your cycle is 24 days, that could be normal. If your cycle is 40 or 50 days, that could also be normal. Normal is not defined by a 28-day cycle but rather by what is typical and healthy for YOUR body.

There is no one way the menstrual cycle works — your body has its own pattern. The Fertility Awareness Method gives you the ability to create a chart that maps out your unique cycle pattern. What makes this method different is that it provides a crucial missing piece to the puzzle of your cycle … you. By knowing what signs to look for and actively engaging with your body, you can become an expert on your own fertility.

Charting your fertility can be broken down into three simple things: cycle, temperature, and cervical fluid.

First, to track your cycle, just remember what day it started. This is often easier said than done. Sometimes in the chaos of our lives, it’s hard to remember that small detail. Soon Kindara will have reminders to make this easier. You’ll also need to record your temperature, which is an excellent indicator of when your body ovulates. In addition, you’ll need to monitor your cervical fluid. Fertile cervical fluid helps the sperm get to the egg. If it’s not present, sperm can’t get to the egg and pregnancy is impossible. All you need to do is notice the viscosity of your cervical fluid and you will know when you are most fertile.

So, here’s the short answer: record the first day of your period, monitor your temperature and cervical fluid every day, and, PRESTO, you have yourself a fertility chart. Our blog has more information on using Fertility Awareness Method to prevent or achieve pregnancy.

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