How Do I Tell the Difference Between Types of Cervical Fluid?

I’m starting to chart my CF but I am still confused about what each kind of cervical fluid should look like and feel like. I’m especially confused between sticky and egg white consistency. Thanks!-Oli28Mexico

Hi Oli,

Distinguishing between types of cervical fluid can be difficult and it can take a couple of cycles to identify your pattern. Every woman is different, so it makes sense that every woman’s cervical fluid will be different as well.

Here are some tips for distinguishing between sticky and egg white consistency cervical fluid:

Sticky cervical fluid looks whitish or yellowish, and may resemble grade school paste. It may contain tiny bits of what looks like clear gummy bears, drying rubber cement or crumbly off-white Play-doh. It feels springy, sticky, crumbly, dry, or pasty on your fingers. On your underpants it leaves white or yellowish lines or areas that tend to sit on the top of the fabric, as opposed to soaking in. When it dries it forms a crust that can hard to wash out on laundry day.

Egg white cervical fluid looks like raw egg whites, wet rubber cement, and is usually clear and stretchy. It feels slippery or lubricative or stretches an inch or more between thumb and forefinger.

Another way to distinguish between cervical fluids is to pay attention to vaginal sensation, the way your vagina feels. Sticky fluid will feel dry or like nothing is going on. Egg white on the other hand will feel like cold water rushing, dripping or gushing out of your vagina, aka the “WTF?!” sensation. :-)

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