How (and Why) to Share Your Fertility Data with Your Partner

One of the (many) really cool things about fertlity charting is that it can establish a deeper level of communication between you and your partner. If you're trying to get pregnant, filling your partner in on what’s going on with your body each day can help you to maximize your chances of conceiving (as both you and your partner will know when the best time for intercourse/insemination is). If you're avoiding pregnancy, keeping your partner in the loop will help them to learn when and why they need to use protection or abstain at certain times during your cycle, and in turn will help them feel calm that you won't get pregnant. No matter what your goal is, sharing your fertility data with your partner will give them a better understanding of and appreciation for the amazing complexities of your body. Win-win!

So, how do you share your Kindara data with your partner? Easy! If your partner has an iPhone, they can download Kindara on their phone and log in with the email address and password you used to create your Kindara account. Then, your partner will be able to view and edit your data the same way that you can. 

After a change is made on one device, you'll need to sync your account so that the data will appear on the other device. To sync your data between the two devices, tap the Save button in the Data screen or view the Chart screen on device A, then tap Save or view the Chart screen on device B.

If your partner doesn't have an iPhone, they can still view your data online by logging in to our user web portal with your Kindara account email and password.

Do you share your fertility data with your partner? If so, has it impacted your relationship with him/her? Let us know in the comments! 

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