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New Leadership Joins the Kindara Community

New Leadership Joins the Kindara Community

Amy Wedeking Shannon | November 11, 2019 | Kindara News & Updates

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man” Heraclitus

As I step into a new role at Prima-Temp, the company behind Kindara, I reflect on the fact that each of us is on a journey. No two journeys are exactly alike, but we can walk along side each other as we meander, jog or sometimes limp through those journeys. I was attracted to Prima-Temp, because we do life better when we do it together, and Kindara is a community for a very important season of life.

I am proud to have joined the Prima-Temp/Kindara team. As an introduction to this community, I wanted to share a few of the other reasons that I chose this fork in my path.

Science and the empowerment of the individual. Prima-Temp is built upon a solid scientific foundation. We are leveraging advanced chronobiological and circadian science into a platform of better health outcomes for women. Chronobiology is the branch of biology concerned with natural physiological rhythms and other cyclical phenomena. This, combined with the use of many data points to recognize patterns, leads to the ability to create information that women can use to make well informed decisions about their own bodies. This data is one example of the democratization of healthcare, the empowerment of the individual. As you may have seen on the Kindara website, we will be introducing a new tool soon, Priya, to allow you to gain more insights into your body through the continuous
monitoring of core body temperature.


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I am also excited to focus on building tools for an often underserved population in healthcare, women. Women make up 51% of the population (1), we make approximately 80% of the household healthcare decisions for our families (2), we comprise 75% of the primary caregivers for children and the elderly (3), and
we make up 80% of the healthcare workforce (4). It's about time that tools are created to address female specific health and wellness issues.

As I reflect on my life journey, the three years that I spent preparing to get pregnant, trying to get pregnant, being tested and consuming high doses of Clomid were certainly times of roller coaster emotions, revealing the depth of my hopes and fears. Prima-Temp is dedicated to providing you the tools, insights and community that I did not have during that part of my life journey.

Last, but certainly not least, I join a great team at Prima-Temp that is truly dedicated to a mission of serving this community. I am honored that they chose me to partner with them and with the Kindara community in this mission.

Welcome, Amy!



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