Does Being Sexually Active Affect my Cervical Fluid?

Hi!I am a new Kindara user, having just discovered this methodology through Sarah Bly’s “Grace of the Moon” website. My husband and I are sexually active on a daily basis, and I’m curious as to how this might affect the accurate readability of cervical fluid. I’m finding it a little bit difficult to properly gauge it during this first cycle and am a.) just doing my best and b.) looking forward to having more data in the future. Do you have any advice?-Trying to Stay Fluid43Vienna, Austria

 Hi Trying to Stay Fluid,

Being sexually active can absolutely affect how your cervical fluid appears. If you have sex without a condom or use lube, it can be hard to get an accurate reading of your cervical fluid. The presence of semen or lube in the vagina can cause you to confuse it with fertile cervical fluid. Doing kegel exercises (semen emitting techniques or pelvic floor muscle strengthening) is a good idea after having sex and when tracking your cervical fluid in general. It’s also a way of maintaining good general hygiene.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, kegel exercises will NOT affect your chances of getting pregnant, as long as you wait a half hour after sex. If you’re trying to avoid pregnancy, doing the kegel exercises soon after sex will help to eliminate some sperm from the vagina (if you didn’t use protection), but it’s NOT an effective birth control method. Even if you think your cervical fluid isn’t actually egg white but is a result of sperm or lube, remember that you should consider yourself fertile if there is any type of cervical fluid present.

Monitoring cervical fluid accurately can seem difficult at first, but you’ll find it gets much easier along the way. Keep tracking, and if you have any more questions, write in here again or check out our Answers or YouTube page.

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