Do You Have a Kindara Account?

On April 1st 2013 we released version 3.0 of Kindara. (Perhaps bad timing, it wasn’t meant to be a joke or anything.)

We added a brief tutorial to the app, and renamed the old tutorial the “Feature Map”. We also fixed a lot of bugs.  But the biggest and most awesome thing we did with version 3.0 is that we added the ability for you to store your data in the cloud, so if you ever lose your phone, get a new phone, or accidentally delete the app your data will still be safe and secure.

The way you back up your data is to create a Kindara account. Kindara accounts are a new feature. Unless you created an account on or after April 1st, it’s impossible for you to have one, even if you’ve been using the app for months. Once you create a Kindara account all your data will sync to the server and be safe.

Unfortunately we did a bad job of communicating this to our current users, and we’ve gotten quite a few confused emails. We’re sorry!

Here are the options you have when updating to version 3.0 of Kindara:

  • If  you hit “skip” you won’t create an account and your data will not be synced with the server.
  • If you hit “Create account” you will be asked to create an account and all your data will be synced.
  • If you hit “I already have a Kindara account” you’ll be asked to sign in, but this won’t work unless you created a Kindara account on or after April 1st 2013.

We recommend hitting the “Create account” button. That way your data will be safe!

If you have any trouble with this please contact and we will get it all sorted out for you.

Sorry for the confusion! We hope you enjoy the latest version of the app. :)

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