Coverline for Android (Beta)

We heard you Android users, and we have released a new Beta version of the app with Coverline. How do I get this new version? Here are the quick and easy steps:

Follow this link and click on the “Become A Tester” button (If you have already clicked on the become a tester link in the past, you can skip this step)Download the beta version from Google Play  Test out the Beta and send us your feedback at

For any previous chart where you’ve marked a temperature shift, the app will automatically place your coverline. In your current chart, you can tap on your chart to place a coverline manually. If you’d like to edit the data for a particular day, you can now double tap on the day (instead of a long press) so not to interfere with coverline.

If you’d like to move the coverline, simply drag it up and down on your chart. Want to remove it?  Drag it below your chart.  Want to get it back to where the app placed it?  Drag it above your chart to return to automatic placement.

For more information about what coverline is and why it is a helpful part of understanding your fertility check outthis Blog post.


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