Could a vaginal pH imbalance be preventing you from getting pregnant?

As you probably know by now, when it comes to your ability to get pregnant, the first and most important question is – can I get pregnant (i.e., am I ovulating)? Kindara helps you determine if and when you’re ovulating so you can gauge your reproductive health and time intercourse around the fertile window. This is the best first step you can take in the journey toward motherhood.

But for some women, it’s not always the last step. If you’ve been tracking your fertility signs regularly, have healthy cycles, and have been having sex around the time of ovulation, yet you’re still not getting pregnant, there are some other factors you might want to take into account. One is your partner’s fertility – perhaps they should get checked.

But here’s another factor that you may not have thought about: your vaginal pH. 

Without the presence of cervical fluid, the vagina is naturally acidic. This is a good thing, as the acid in the vagina kills harmful microorganisms and prevents infection. But along with the bad microorganisms, vaginal acid also kills sperm.

So, how’s a woman to get pregnant? Enter … cervical fluid!!! As a woman approaches ovulation, her cervical fluid becomes more alkaline, making the vagina a much friendlier environment for sperm.

…At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. The pH balance in the vagina is delicate, and can be easily thrown off by diet and lifestyle factors, antibiotics, douching, (please, just say no to douching), scented tampons, etc. If your pH is too basic, you might be prone to yeast, vaginitis and other not-so-fun vaginal infections. Or, if your vaginal pH is too acidic, it will be difficult for sperm to survive, even with the presence of cervical fluid.

There are many kits and tests available on the market that contain urine and vaginal test strips to determine if your pH is too acidic. Some even come with balancing washes to temporarily restore pH balance during the fertile window (if you do have an imbalance). Not into purchasing yet another test? Some people have found pH paper to be just as effective.

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