Checking your Cervical Fluid is Easy!

As you probably know by now, cervical fluid is an excellent gauge of a woman’s fertility.

Once you know all the amazing things cervical fluid can tell you about your body and your fertility, it seems insane not to tune in and use that information to your advantage.  But where to begin? Isn’t it “gross?” I mean it comes from “down there”,  isn’t that dirty?

The answer to both of these questions is NO! It’s not gross, and it’s not dirty. It’s a totally natural normal secretion that your body makes for a very important purpose.  Cervical fluid is not a “waste” product. This stuff is gold! Gold, I tell you!  If you’re not sold yet, go read this post and then come back and talk to me.

Back now? Okay great. So, now that you are almost as big a fan of cervical fluid as I am, I’m going to tell you how to take advantage of this amazing signal your body is sending you.  And I’m going to do it without grossing you out.  Promise :)

Specifically I’m going to tell you how to “measure” the stuff so you’ll know what to record on your chart each day. Once you know how to measure and record your cervical fluid, you’ll be able to tune into your body like never before.

Here’s how. It’s not hard. In fact you’re performing the action needed to measure it several times a day already!  It’s simple.

Step 1: Before and after you go pee, wipe with a folded square of toilet paper, or clean fingertip, from front to back.  (See I told you it was easy!)  As you’re wiping notice the sensation, does it feel slippery?

Step 2: Take a look at the folded square, or your finger.  Does it look like there is anything on it?  Urine soaks into the paper, cervical fluid will stay on the surface of it. Touch the toilet paper (if using) with your fingertip, is anything there? Rub your fingertip and thumb together. How does it feel? Sticky like grade-school paste? Creamy like hand lotion? Is it stretchy or slippery like a raw Eggwhite?  However it is, remember it.

Step 3: Now wipe your finger and thumb off with some toilet paper, flush, and wash your hands.  Done.  Easy-peasy.

Now record what you notice on your chart. (In Kindara, the Cervical Fluid axis progresses from None to Sticky to Creamy to Egg-white to Watery. We chose these words because they are easy to remember, and represent the cervical fluid progression of most women, choose the one that most closely resembles yours.)

Shortly after you start recording your cervical fluid, you’ll start to see a pattern emerge!  It will be so cool!  You will literally see each day if you are fertile or not right there on your chart!

After you have a few cycles charted, with BBT as well, you’ll have a great record of your reproductive health, which is cool in itself, and will also help you plan for pregnancy when you want it.  And if you have any problems conceiving, you’ll have a goldmine of information to show your doctor, to help you choose the best plan of action.

So as you can see, measuring cervical fluid is no big deal, takes less than a minute per day, and gives you valuable information about your fertility.  So go check your CF right this minute, and put your findings in the comments.  HAAAA!!!!!  kidding.  (unless you really want to.)

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