Can I Still Chart if I'm Not Menstruating?

If you’re breastfeeding, approaching menopause, have  or another hormone imbalance, or recently came off the Pill or had a miscarriage, there’s a good chance you’re not having regular periods. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still get a LOT of useful information from charting your fertility signs!

In fact, charting your fertility can be particularly useful during irregular cycles, since it can give you some insight into when you are becoming fertile again, or what’s going on if you’re not sure why you’re not menstruating.

For example, if you’re breastfeeding, tracking your cervical fluid will help you to learn when you’re becoming fertile again. While breastfeeding, your cervical fluid will likely be dry – but as soon as it becomes wetter again, you’ll want to track all of your other signs, as wet cervical fluid is a sign that you’re approaching ovulation.

If you have PCOS, you may experience false peaks, or patches of seemingly fertile cervical fluid, without ovulating. Only through tracking your temperatures along with your cervical fluid will you know if and when you did ovulate.

Or, if you recently came off the Pill, your cycles will probably be pretty erratic for a while. Trust me, I know that it can be frustrating to track your signs during this time, as there’s no discernible pattern to them. But this is a great time to get the hang of checking your fertility signs, and when your cycles do return to normal, you’ll know! Plus, observing your first temperature shift and peak day is ESPECIALLY exciting after a few months of crazy charts :)

You don’t need to have regular cycles to use Kindara. Simply chart your signs each day as you observe them (such as temperature, cervical fluid, cervical position, and any other data you want to add to the Custom Data and/or Journal section of the app).

If you’re new to Kindara, select the checkbox next to ‘I don’t know’ when the app asks for the first day of your last period. Then, chart your signs each day as they apply to you. There’s no need to mark a new cycle in the app until you get your period, at which point you can select the checkbox next to ‘Start New Cycle Today?’ in the Menstruation section of the data screen.

If you had a miscarriage, start a new cycle in the app on the first day of red bleeding by marking the checkbox next to ‘Start New Cycle Today?’ in the Menstruation section. Then, chart your signs as they apply to you.

If you don’t have regular cycles, you may want to turn off the period and fertility prediction feature, since it probably won’t be very useful for you. To turn the prediction off, tap the More icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then tap Settings, then tap the slider next to Fertility Prediction (or Period Prediction if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy) to turn it off.

Questions? Anything I didn’t cover here? Ask me in the comments!

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