Ask Kindara: Why Do I Have Creamy Cervical Fluid After Ovulation?

Lauren Risberg
Women's Health
November 12, 2015

Hi Kindara,

I am 1 week past ovulation and my cervical fluid isn't drying up. If anything, it seems much more creamy and much more of it too! Me and my husband are trying for baby number 2 and I have been off the pill since beginning of August this year, could this have anything to do with excess cervical fluid or is it a sign I may be pregnant?



Hey Monica! Thanks for your question. It's actually totally normal for some women to experience sticky or creamy cervical fluid (even lots of it!) after ovulation has passed. In fact, some women never have any truly dry days at all. The amount of cervical fluid you observe may depend on your individual biology, your age, and even how hydrated you are. It's also certainly possible that being recently off the pill may be affecting your cervical fluid pattern.

Your Peak Day is still the last day of eggwhite cervical fluid, watery cervical fluid, or ovulation spotting that you observe before your cervical fluid goes back to being creamy.  For the purposes of using FAM as birth control, you're still considered infertile once you've confirmed ovulation with the Temp +3 and Peak +4 rules.

I hope this helps.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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