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What does Kindara do with my fertility data?

What does Kindara do with my fertility data?

Kindara | May 22, 2020 | Ask Kindara
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We’ve noticed that health apps and privacy have made the news lately, and we understand the concern. Protecting your privacy and data is very important to us, especially considering the nature of our mission and products. So we at Prima-Temp, parent company for Kindara and Priya, wanted to address this question with you directly and showcase our commitment to protecting your personal information and health data.

Do you share my personal information?

We do not sell or share your personal, identifiable information. We use aggregate data for research, to help advance our technology and insights into women’s health, but the data is always anonymized before being shared. In other words, identifying information is not included so no one can tie your fertility data to your name.

For example, aggregate data is used to support this statement: "In 2.7 million cycles for over 200,000 users, researchers found that 90% of ovulations occur between cycle days 10 and 24, and only 24% of ovulations occurred at cycle days 14 to 15" — by the way, these numbers are real (and super important if you’re trying to conceive)! This is something that we feel is appropriate and useful to help better serve our community, create better tools for you, and deepen our understanding of women’s health. 

Do you share my app data with Facebook or other social media?

We do not share any personal information, behavioral data, or email addresses with Facebook, other social media, or any other third parties. Our app does not use the Facebook SDK (software development kit) analytics tool that has been getting a lot of negative press lately. If you download the Kindara or Priya App by clicking a link on a Facebook ad, Facebook will recognize that you clicked on the ad to download the app, but they will not receive any other information about you or the information you enter into our apps.

If Prima-Temp doesn't sell or share my data, why are ads coinciding with what I enter in my app?

The timing of, for example, entering your menstrual flow in the Kindara App and then seeing ads for organic cotton pads is a little too coincidental, right? But rest assured that we do not share your personally identifiable fertility data with anyone, period. 

This scenario is called retargeted advertising, a tactic that many companies use to show you the most relevant ads based on a variety of factors and methods, including cookies and data from searches, purchases, or profiles you created. Let’s continue with the example above: If you 1) enter your menstrual flow, 2) remember you’re low on supplies, and 3) search for or visit a site to order more supplies, your search or purchase was probably tracked and the targeted ads were a result of those actions. Though it seems like the ads are appearing because menstrual data was entered, it’s actually because of other activities online that were tracked by other sources. 

Keep in mind that this is only one simple example of the many, many ways targeted advertising could happen and why it might seem like ads coincide with your entry into one of our apps. We have no way of knowing exactly why ads might be appearing, but we do know that they are not appearing because of anything we’re doing with your data.

Bonus tip: If you want to change how you’re targeted, check out this New York Times article on how to reduce targeted ads. If you’re still not comfortable, that’s ok! You are able to completely and irrevocably erase your data and account from our records directly from either app or you can send your request to us by email.

What’s the bottom line?

Your personal, identifiable fertility data is not being sold to or shared with anyone. Your data may be aggregated with other users’ data for research and reporting (such as identifying trends in large samples of data, etc.), but we do not share your personal fertility data or identifying information with anyone. 

If you’re interested, check out our Privacy Policy for the full terms and a complete and updated list of our third-party vendors. 

We hope this addresses your concerns about privacy and using our life-changing fertility tracking apps! If it doesn’t, please tell us what else you’d like to know at support@kindara.com or download Kindara!

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Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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