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Ask Kindara: Should you continue taking your basal body temperature after getting pregnant?

Ask Kindara: Should you continue taking your basal body temperature after getting pregnant?

Kindara | August 8, 2019 | Ask Kindara
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Are there any benefits to continuing to temp after getting pregnant?

Hi Jess,

Absolutely! Because a decrease in basal body temperature (BBT) may indicate miscarriage (1), some women choose to continue taking their temperature at least in the first trimester to confirm sustained temperature elevation (2). Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.  Charts during pregnancy will look a little different from your normal charts. That is, you won't see the usual biphasic cycling pattern that you experience during a non-pregnant cycle; instead, your temperature pattern will look similar to a very long luteal phase, at least for the first trimester (2). 

Another benefit of continuing to chart during a pregnancy is keeping yourself in the habit of taking your temperatures and checking your cervical mucus. Keep in mind that pregnancy can change sleep patterns, which may make getting an accurate temperature tricky. 

If temping is too stressful, just charting can still be helpful. You can use Kindara's Custom Data feature to remind yourself to perform tasks (vitamins, exercise, etc.) or track your cravings or aversions, and you can use the Symptoms feature to monitor symptoms that you experience during your pregnancy (nausea, vomiting, etc.). These details are not only useful for your doctor, but they can also be interesting to watch if patterns emerge. Hope this helps!‍


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