Ask Kindara: Should you continue taking your basal body temperature after getting pregnant?

Haley Thomas
Women's Health
February 24, 2016

Are there any benefits to continuing to temp after getting pregnant? Thanks! - Jess

Hi Jess,

One of the main benefits of continuing to chart during a pregnancy is keeping yourself in the habit of taking your temperatures and checking your cervical fluid.

Some women choose to continue taking their temperature in the first trimester to confirm temperatures remain elevated. Drops in BBT can indicate miscarriage. For that reason, some women continue to take their temperature after getting pregnant. If temping results in more stress, it may not be worth it. Keep in mind that pregnancy can change one's sleep patterns and make it hard to get an accurate temp.

You can also use Kindara's custom data feature to monitor any pregnancy symptoms that you experience during your pregnancy (nausea, etc.) or remind yourself to perform tasks (vitamins, exercise, etc.) You won't see the usual cycling pattern that you experience while you're not pregnant - it will look very similar to a long luteal phase. Hope this helps!

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