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Ask Kindara: Fertile Peaks and Coverline

Ask Kindara: Fertile Peaks and Coverline

Lorry Schneider | September 1, 2016 | Kindara News & Updates
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Hi Kindara,

I love that there's now a coverline feature; but it seems that I can no longer tap and hold on a day in my chart to see that day's data. It just brings up a coverline. Please help!

This is a great question!  We have actually replaced the “long hold” technique with a double tap.  Now, you can double tap on any day in your chart to edit the details for that particular day.  This provides users a quick and easy way to edit their data, without interfering with the coverline.  Give it a try!

Hi Kindara,

I would like an option to switch the order of the bars on my chart so that the more fertile I am, the higher the bars (instead of lower). I understand that many women who have used the app a long time are used to the current arrangement but you could leave the current arrangement as the default and have a setting for those who want to change it. It seems more intuitive to me that more fertile fluid should have a higher bar.

Thanks so much for this great feedback!  In the latest version of the app, we now offer this option.

We designed the current version of the app to display “Fertile Valleys” – meaning the lower and darker the pink bars go, the more fertile and closer to ovulation you are.  Because fertile cervical fluid has higher water content, we visualize this as dipping into a “Sea of Fertility.”  If you’re used to this way of viewing your chart, that’s great!  When you update your app to the latest version, this will still be the default view.

But many of you have asked for us to flip the bars, and we have heard you!  So, now, iOS users have the option in your Settings to toggle off “Chart Has Fertile Valley.”  If you turn this option off, you will now have “Fertile Peaks” – meaning that the more fertile you are, or the heavier your menstruation, the higher the pink bar will go.  Feel free to turn this option off and on to figure out which view makes the most sense to you.  

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