Ask Kindara: Does Ovulation Spotting Count as My Peak Day?

Dear Kindara,

Hi guys! I have been using your app for several months now and I LOVE it! Thank you so much for creating it! I am just writing for some clarification on the peak day. I received the majority of my FAM information from TCOYF by Toni Weschler, MPH and it was all pretty straight forward. The only thing I am slightly confused about is the peak day. Toni states that the day of mid-cycle spotting is your peak day, but I have light spotting, then a couple days of eggwhite CF after the spotting, I always count the last day of fertile CF as the peak day, but should I be counting the spotting day as my Peak Day instead? Do you know why spotting is suggested as the peak day? I thought the spotting was just an indication of estrogen dropping or am I wrong about that? If you guys have the time to answer that would be lovely. Thanks again for the app!!



Hey Kaley! Thanks for your question :) I totally see how this could be confusing, given that Toni states that the Peak Day is the last day in your cycle of either:

  • wet or lubricative vaginal sensation
  • slippery, stretchy cervical fluid
  • any midcycle spotting.

You’re correct that midcycle/ovulatory spotting is usually due to the drop of estrogen that occurs right before ovulation. If you have any midcycle spotting, you are likely very fertile on that day - so make sure to take note, whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy!

However, keep in mind that the Peak Day is not necessarily the day of the greatest quantity of cervical fluid, nor is it the last day of any one particular kind of fluid, but rather is the last day in your cycle of any of the above types of fluid/sensation. So if you have midcycle spotting on day 13, then eggwhite cervical fluid on days 14 and 15, and then dry/sticky or no cervical fluid on day 16, day 15 would be your Peak Day.

I hope this is helpful! If there’s still any confusion about Peak day, please let us know in the comments.

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