Ask Kindara: Can I Use the Fertility Awareness Method Without Checking My Cervical Fluid?

Lauren Risberg
Women's Health
February 15, 2016

Hi! Will charting work at all for me if I don't ever check my cervical fluid? Not crazy about doing it and just wondered how important it is.... Thanks, Jackie

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your question! You can still practice FAM to avoid pregnancy using only temperatures if you want, but you'll definitely get a better understanding of how fertile you are on any given day if you choose to measure cervical fluid as well. In fact, if you choose not to observe your cervical fluid, you may be forced to be extra conservative and treat more days as potential fertile, which means longer period of abstinence or barrier methods (such as condoms).

If you really don't want to use cervical fluid, you can use a method called the 'Temperature Method.'  This is essentially a version of FAM that only uses the First 5 Days Rule and the Temp +3 rule to identify your window of infertility. You must assume that you're fertile starting on Day 6, no matter what, and continue to abstain or use protection until you've confirmed ovulation with a sustained temperature shift.

I'd also add that checking your cervical fluid might seem scary at first, but it's really not a big deal once you get the hang of it!  Here's a guide that shows you how easy it can be.  If you need more info on how to check your primary fertility signs and what they mean, check out our knowledge base: There's tons of useful info in there.  I hope this is helpful!

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