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Announcing Coverline

Announcing Coverline

Lorry Schneider | August 25, 2016 | Kindara News & Updates
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We are excited to announce that the app now includes a coverline feature.

What is a coverline, and why it is important? A coverline is a horizontal line you draw on your chart that separates your preovulatory temperatures from your postovulatory temperatures.  It provides a visual representation of your temperature shift, and can help you gain insight into your overall cycle health.

To draw your coverline, you will first need to identify your temperature shift.  Remember, a temperature shift is defined as a temperature that is at least .2° Fahrenheit or .11° Celsius higher than your temperature from the previous day, and at least .1° F/.05° C higher than any of your temperatures from the previous six days.

Once you notice that your temperature is .2° F/.11° C higher than the previous six days,  place your coverline 0.1°F/.05°C  above the highest of the six previous temperature readings.

Your coverline can help you recognize the biphasic pattern of your temperatures - as your chart will typically show a series of lower pre-ovulatory temps under your coverline, and a series of higher, post-ovulatory temps above your coverline.  

Identifying your coverline can tell you a lot about your cycle health.  For instance, it may help you more clearly recognize the length of your luteal phase.  This is important if you’re trying to get pregnant, as a luteal phase shorter than 10 days might make it difficult to sustain a pregnancy.  And if a luteal phase is longer than 18 days, then it’s likely a pregnancy occurred.

Additionally, coverline can help identify potential progesterone deficiencies if your postovulatory temps consistently fall below the line.  This is great information to share with your healthcare provider if you are having difficulties trying to conceive.  

Check out this article, How to Draw a Coverline, in our Knowledge Base to learn how to draw your coverline in the Kindara app!

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