Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage advanced chronobiology and circadian science tools in combination with complementary solutions, knowledge, and support into a platform for women who want to take ownership of their health outcomes, beginning with reproductive health.

What We Believe:

  • Women are essential to a healthy society.
  • Women want a deeper understanding of their bodies and fertility.
  • Women’s menstrual cycles are vital to their overall health.
  • Creating a strong, uplifting, safe community to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas will help us empower each other.
  • The future of fertility education lies in technology because of its accessibility, affordability, and ability to bring people together.
images of the women behind prima-temp

Who Keeps the Ship Running Smoothly?

Meet Teena

Teena brings a variety of experience and skills to Prima-Temp, including customer service, accounting, marketing, database management, fundraising, human resources, and even veterinary medicine. In each position, she streamlined procedures to increase efficiency and was involved in writing or editing; from grant reports to blogs and educational material, writing has always been an important part of her life — both professionally and personally. Because of her journey from hormonal birth control to the Symptothermal Method, Teena loves the Kindara App! She is passionate about women’s health and is grateful to have landed at Prima-Temp where she has the opportunity to propel this amazing mission forward. She’s especially excited to be part of the conversation that will shape the future of health and wellness for all menstruating humans.


Who Am I Talking To?

Meet Kate

Kate brings 12 years of customer service, specializing in EPIC medical record-keeping systems, HIPAA regulations, along with experience in food production standards to the Prima-Temp team. She managed a coffee bar for 3 years before searching for a career that would foster her goal to help women understand their own personal reproductive health. She is thankful for finding the supportive Kindara community in this search! She holds a bachelor's degree in Education from Edison State College and currently teaches Yin Yoga in Boulder Colorado. Kate also believes in empowering the community to take ownership of their reproductive health through the fertility awareness methods and education.

About Prima-Temp

In 2018, Kindara was acquired by Prima-Temp, Inc to continue Kindara’s legacy in women’s health. 

Prima-Temp is built on the foundation of utilizing continuous core body temperature to improve lives.

Prima-Temp uses the science of temperature, a reliable marker of circadian rhythm, to find patterns that may predict, confirm, and provide information about specific health parameters. Your circadian rhythm patterns are unique to you and tell a story about your health and wellbeing. Technology has only recently advanced enough to capture these patterns so that you can be in the driver's seat of your fertility and health. 

Future applications will be designed to help solve sleep issues, provide weight loss support, and assist in early sepsis detection.