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3-Cycle Challenge

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to join us! This challenge is designed to provide you with actionable information and support to make lifestyle changes to improve your menstrual cycle and health for the long term.

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“The Kindara app has given me a huge amount of information about what is normal and [a] sense of pride that I really can trust my body.”

Julia V.


Healthy You, Healthy Cycle

This guide gives the lowdown on how much and what type of exercise to do, foods to increase and avoid, supplements, and how to sleep better — all specifically for PCOS and irregular cycles.

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Success Workshop

Setting clear and measurable goals is the first step to success! There’s plenty of science behind setting your goals to help with long-term plans, and we’re here to walk you through it to help you set yourself up for success. Click the button below to download the full workshop and get started.

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Lifestyle Factors for Healthy Cycles






Cycle Stats

Coming soon! Kindara's Cycle Stats feature automatically creates graphs out of the rich history of data that you are building so you can easily see what your cycles look like — and if they’re changing — over time, without having to flip back and forth between charts.


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